Let’s Move: Exercise with T-Tapp

This is the second part of my four-part series on exercise: Let’s Move.  Be sure to read the first part if you missed it.  I’ve been doing T-Tapp for the past year and not only have I lost inches, but it has also helped me manage chronic pain in my lower back.  A big thanks to Kayla Howard for writing the post below!

MirrorWhen did someone highjack my mirror?

I’m not sure when it happened, but someone high-jacked my mirror.  The person I see reflected back at me, well….just isn’t me.

Why does she look so tired?  When did she grow in size?  Where has her sparkle gone?

Have you ever had those thoughts?  6 years ago that’s what I was thinking.  Although it’s painful to admit you need to change something about the way you eat and/or exercise, it can be the breaking point that propels you to progression.

When we start a journey of transformation, the question rises, “How?”

People are trained to let their first thought go to diet when they want to reshape their body and lose weight.  For some reason our culture has trained us that it’s all about eating less.  That’s not 100% accurate.

Most of you already eat healthy.  Some of you already eat really, really healthy.  But your body still won’t budge the pudge simply because you need to move it!

I was an exercise hater myself.  I did not want to “move it, move it.”  I wanted to be skinny without diet OR exercise.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work well for me.  Since I already ate healthy, I chose to add fitness to my life instead of counting calories. 

Mindy asked me to share about T-Tapp with you—that’s one of our favorite ways to move our body!  Are you ready? [Read more…]

T-Tapp Bootcamp Challenge Completed

I finished my 14-day T-Tapp bootcamp on Christmas Eve!  That’s right, I did the Total Workout for fourteen days in a row.  I really wasn’t sure when I started this challenge if I would really be able to finish it, but I’m happy to report I did!

Unfortunately, for most of the second week, I had to do the workout without using my right arm.  I had tweaked my shoulder a bit and had to give it a bit of a break.  I still felt like I was able to get a great workout in on those days and my shoulder seems to be pretty much back to normal now. [Read more…]

Halfway Through T-Tapp Bootcamp (And Still Going)

I started my 14-day T-Tapp bootcamp last Sunday.  I’m proud to say I’ve hit the halfway point today!  It’s been a tiring, but great experience so far.

The first few days were challenging as usual, but not overwhelmingly so.  In the booklet that came with the DVD, Theresa states “Warning: Day 3 usually feels like it’s just too hard; picture me standing there saying, ‘Yes, You Can!'”  Well, I have to say I hit that feeling on Day 4!  It was an extremely challenging workout that day, but I made it through.  I also felt that a bit again today, but kept right on going.  And then I even went for a 3-mile walk later in the day. [Read more…]

The Fourteen Days of T-Tapp

On the first day of T-Tapp, Theresa gave to me a smaller clothing size.
On the second day of T-Tapp, Theresa gave to me two toned legs and a smaller clothing size.
On the third day of T-Tapp, Theresa gave to me three inches lost, two tighter legs and a smaller clothing size.
On the fourth day of T-Tapp, Theresa gave to me… 

Okay, I’ll spare you any more possible verses of my rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas!  I do, however, want to announce that I am going to be completing the 14-day boot camp for T-Tapp and want to invite you to join me starting Sunday, December 11th. [Read more…]