Giving GAPS Intro Another Go

When I first decided to start the GAPS Diet, I planned to start working on incorporating some elements of GAPS into my life slowly at first.  Then I set a date for the intro part of the diet and knew that, once I began, I was going to do my best to do it really well for the next couple of years.

My other main plan was to do the intro diet once.  I had heard of some people who went back and did it again at various points, but I did not want to be one of those people!  Why on earth would I put myself through those kinds of restrictions more than once?! [Read more…]

Moving on to Stage 3, Or Avocado Here I Come!

I am very excited to be moving on to GAPS Stage 3 now.  Stage 2 went pretty well.  I tried to introduce a little bit of whey made from cow’s milk yogurt.  I noticed by the second evening that I was feeling a little bit congested and decided that maybe it was a bit too early to try that.  After all, at that point, I had only been on GAPS for a few days.  I guess I can’t expect my dairy allergy to be healed so soon!

Delicious GAPS Stage 3 Breakfast!

Yesterday, I added a small amount of sauerkraut to my lunch.  It was nice to eat something with a little bit of crunch!  This morning I added scrambled eggs with sautéed veggies.  Yum!  The eggs were scrambled in the fat drippings from bacon that I had saved from before starting GAPS and the veggies were cooked in lard that I had rendered yesterday.  (There will be a post to come soon on how to render lard.)  Of course, I also had my bowl of soup with it. [Read more…]