My Meal Planning Checklist

After completing the Freezer and Pantry Challenge hosted by Keeper of the Home over the past month, I realized a few things about my meal planning tendencies.  It reinforced the necessity of meal planning in my life, and also helped me realize it’s something I need to keep improving! [Read more…]

Emptying My Freezer: Week 4

It’s the final week of the Freezer and Pantry Challenge hosted by Keeper of the Home.  You can go back and read about the previous weeks: Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

The time on this challenge actually flew by pretty quickly.  It was a big help in reminding me to use up what we already have and kept me from buying more meat from vendors I came into contact with.  That’s always a weakness for me when I’m at the local farmer’s market or farm stand! [Read more…]

Emptying My Freezer: Week 3

We’re now into the third week of Keeper of the Home’s Eating from the Freezer and Pantry Challenge.  You can go back and read my plans for Week 1 and Week 2 . [Read more…]

Emptying My Freezer: Week 1

While I was in the middle of writing my recent series on freezers, I saw that Keeper of the Home was starting an eating from the freezer and pantry challenge.  What great timing!  I’ve been realizing how full my freezer is and that I should really concentrate on finishing up what we’ve got, especially as I begin to consider what bulk purchases I’ll be making for this coming fall.

So I’ve decided to join in for the next four weeks and make it my goal to create my meals out of the items in our freezer and pantry.  My focus will be especially on the freezer.  I don’t have an actual pantry and so have designated just one cupboard and the top of the refrigerator as my “pantry.”  That helps on keeping food from building up in there too much! [Read more…]

Meal Planning Challenge Week 1: Why I Joined

Keeper of the Home is hosting a 6-week meal planning challenge starting today.  I was interested in the challenge when Stephanie first posted about it.  However, with feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to commit to it.  I tend to have an on again/off again relationship with meal planning.  I’ll go for a few weeks doing great at meal planning, and then just not get around to it for a while again. [Read more…]