The Reading Corner: The Conundrum About Fats

The Reading Corner is a periodic series where I share interesting articles from around the web plus must-read books.  Pull up a comfy chair and get ready for some fun and interesting reads!

The continued recommendations by the USDA for Americans to eat a low-fat diet is really quite alarming considering the research that keeps coming out showing that heart disease is not decreasing, but actually increasing.  Today’s Reading Corner is focusing on debunking these common myths.  Happy reading! [Read more…]

The Reading Corner: All About Fats

Throughout this past week, I came across several interesting blog posts about healthy fats.  Over the past few years, and particularly in the past couple of months, I’ve switched from using low-fat foods and butter substitutes to using fat in its traditional forms: butter, coconut oil, ghee, lard, and tallow.  During the past month or so on GAPS, I’ve noticed how I feel so much more satiated when including animal fats at every meal.  Lard and tallow are definitely my new friends!

Here are a few articles I thought would be of interest to share. [Read more…]