Guest Post: Traveling on the GAPS Diet

Traveling on the GAPS DietToday you’ll find me over at the GNOWFGLINS blog sharing my tips for traveling while on the GAPS diet.  I hope you’ll join me over there!

The thought of traveling while on the GAPS Diet can seem incredibly daunting. What food will be available? How will you make sure you’re eating everything you need for your healing? How will you avoid foods that make you ill?

Take a Deep Breath

Don’t worry — traveling really is possible and enjoyable. As with most things on the GAPS diet, it does take some advanced planning and preparation. My three tips for traveling on the GAPS diet will help you have a successful adventure away from your home!

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The GAPS Diet Explained in 5 Minutes

What’s the GAPS Diet?

Do you keep hearing about the GAPS diet and yet are still unclear as to what it’s all about?  Are you looking for a succinct way to explain to your family and friends exactly what it is you’re doing?

I have found it helpful to find a quick way to explain what the GAPS diet is so that people’s eyes don’t start glazing over with too many details!

I’m trying something new today, and I created a video to share my 5-minute explanation of the GAPS diet.  I would love to hear what you think about my explanation and whether you want to see more videos.  Please share in the comments!

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Guest Post: Eating Out on the GAPS Diet

Is it possible to eat out on GAPSToday you’ll find me over at the GNOWFGLINS blog sharing my strategies for eating out on the GAPS diet.  I hope you’ll join me over there!

One of the big questions I often hear from someone who is considering giving the GAPS diet a try is: how will I be able to eat outside of my own home?

When you read through the list of allowed foods, it does seem like there’s no way you’ll ever eat out again!

I’m happy to tell you that after more than a year on GAPS, I’ve found some solutions for eating out at the homes of my friends and family, attending potlucks, and even going out to restaurants. It takes a little advanced preparation, but is entirely possible and enjoyable!

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Getting to the Root of My Gut Issues

Getting to the Root of My Gut IssuesIt’s been a little while since my last update on how my journey on the GAPS Diet is going.  I thought it was high time to share a few details that I’ve been discovering lately.

Getting to the Root of Things

The last few months have had me looking deeper and deeper at the root of my gut issues.  I feel like I’m finally getting to the bottom of what has contributed to so many of my health issues over the years.  It would have been really nice to have discovered some of these problems earlier on GAPS, but I’m glad to at least be figuring it out now!

Not Enough Stomach Acid

I’ve been working recently with my friend and terrific chiropractor, Dr. Rachel Yan.  She’s really helped me find some lingering issues.  Just a few days before I first went to see her, I was looking in Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  I read the section on stomach acid more closely than I had previously and started wondering if that was an issue for me, too. [Read more…]

My Four Favorite GAPS Diet Resources

After more than a year on the GAPS diet, I definitely have my favorite resources that I keep coming back to regularly. I want to share my top four favorites with you today.

My Favorite Blogs Pinterest Board

My Favorite Blogs Pinterest Board

1.  Blogs

It’s truly amazing how many wonderful bloggers are doing the GAPS diet.  The number and variety of recipes and tips available is astounding.  I have learned so much and made so many delicious recipes because of their work.

Keeping track of all of these blogs can be a challenge, though!  I decided to start a couple of boards on Pinterest to do just that.  Be sure to check out these two boards: My Favorite Real Food & Health Blogs and My Favorite GAPS Diet Blogs.  Even the blogs listed in the Real Food category should have lots of great options for those on GAPS, too. [Read more…]

Taking it Slowly with Probiotics Guest Post

YogurtToday you’ll find me over at the GNOWFGLINS blog discussing how to introduce probiotics on the GAPS diet.  I hope you’ll join me over there!

Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way. Sometimes it takes us more than one time. At least that’s how it was for me when adding in probiotics while on the GAPS diet!

Probiotics are an essential part of the GAPS diet (a gut-healing protocol). This is how we repopulate our guts with all of the good stuff that we’ve been missing. However, as we introduce them, our bodies can experience difficulty. I hope that by sharing my story, you’ll avoid making the same mistakes I did!

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The GAPS Diet and Low Carb Guest Post

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

Today you’ll find me over at the GNOWFGLINS blog discussing the GAPS diet and low carb.  I hope you’ll join me over there!

Is the GAPS diet a low carbohydrate diet? At first glance, it may seem like it is. With the removal of grains, potatoes, and sugar, it can be similar to other popular low-carb diets. But does it have to be? Let’s take a closer look.

Should GAPS be Low Carb?

Is GAPS even supposed to be low carb? According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, it “does not have to be low-carb.”  She also mentions that the “GAPS diet generally is not a ketogenic diet. Every person needs to find the right individual balance between meats and vegetables.” (Source, see page 14 and pages 22-23.)

While GAPS is not designed to be a low-carb diet, it can end up that way if you’re not careful about the types and amounts of food that you’re consuming.

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30 Days on GAPS Intro Handbook Giveaway

30 Days GAPS EbookAs a celebration of one year on GAPS, I’m excited to be able to offer you this giveaway today!  I’m giving away a copy of What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days of recipes and tips for the GAPS Intro Diet from Cara of Health, Home, Happiness.  You can read my review of this e-book.  I know you’re going to love this ebook!

How to Enter
I’m using the Rafflecopter widget below for all entries.  You will need to complete the first mandatory entry in order to be eligible to win.  I will be verifying all entries so be sure to actually do them!  The giveaway starts today and will end at 12:01 am EST on Sunday, August 5, 2012.  (Oh, and you can earn an extra entry EVERY DAY by tweeting about this giveaway.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I purchased my own copy of this ebook. Health, Home, Happiness is providing the free giveaway. There are affiliate links in this post.  If you purchase this ebook, I will earn a small commission.  Thank you for supporting my site!

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30 Days on GAPS Intro Handbook Review

GAPS intro ebookNow that I’ve celebrated a year on GAPS, I wanted to tell you a little more about a great e-book that I used during both of my times on the intro portion of the diet.

Preparing for Intro
After I first read Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, I started to look for additional resources to help me prepare to start.  I was feeling pretty confident about being able to successfully implement the full GAPS diet. The part that worried me, though, was getting through the intro portion.

How was I going to create meals that I liked when all I could eat during the first stage was boiled meats, broth, and a few veggies?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt a mild sense of panic after reading through the allowed foods list!

The Solution
Just a little before I was going to start, I came across an e-book that sounded like it would make all the difference in the world!  Cara of Health, Home, and Happiness had written What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days of recipes and tips for the GAPS Intro Diet.  That sounded like just what I needed, and I quickly ordered it.

It was such a big help!  Cara carefully laid out instructions on how to prepare for GAPS intro, including what to buy and how to prep your food. Then for each stage of intro, she shows you what to add and includes recipes for each day.

The recipes were very delicious and helped me to see that I could eat on intro! In fact, her butternut squash soup from the very first day is one I still make regularly, even though I’m no longer on intro.  It’s quick and easy, and quite tasty.

Oh, and be sure to read all the way through to the end, which I may have neglected to do the first time through intro.  Cara has great tips about how to introduce dairy, a checklist for symptoms, and tips on moving to full GAPS.

Get Your Copy
If you are considering giving GAPS a try, I’d highly recommend buying Cara’s e-book.  It will help you see that intro is possible!

Cara has graciously offered to give one copy away to one of my readers.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to enter!

There are affiliate links in this post.  If you purchase this ebook, I will earn a small commission.  Thank you for supporting my site!

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A Year on the GAPS Diet

Yesterday marked one year on the GAPS diet for me!  It’s really hard to believe that I’ve been doing this for a year now.  When I started my journey last summer, I really had no idea what to expect and how long I would last doing this.

If you want to see how I have progressed through this past year you can go back and read how things were going for me throughout my journey:
GAPS Intro Stages
Celebrating Three Months on GAPS
A Look Back at My First Six Months on GAPS
My Reflections on Repeating GAPS Intro

There’s beef in my soup!

Improvements Seen
One of the best improvements I’ve seen since starting GAPS is my improved breathing and the elimination of the rash on my arms.  It is extremely rare that I feel any tightness in my chest, even when Boulder was extremely hazy and smoky earlier this summer with all of our various fires nearby.

The rash on my arms, which was pretty much a constant thing before starting GAPS, is all cleared up.  The only time I get a bit of it is when I am increasing my probiotics.  Then it’s a useful signal that I need to stop and let my body catch up a bit before continuing to increase.

I have also been able to introduce several foods that I either noticed clear reactions to prior to GAPS or that had been on my allergy testing and I was worried about eating.  It is really nice to have added beef and sesame seeds back in my diet without a problem!  With the beef, I first started including grass-fed beef when I began the GAPS diet and didn’t have any issues.  After a while I started trying beef when I was out at restaurants or other people’s homes that hadn’t been strictly grass-fed.  Success!

I have even started to introduce dairy again over the past few weeks.  I’m going very slowly and following the order outlined in the GAPS book.  I am successfully eating ghee and small amounts of pastured butter.  Yea!  It had been over six years since I had tasted real cow’s milk butter.  Can I just say how amazing real butter is?!

Gotta watch those probiotics!

Lessons Learned Along the Way
This past year has not been without its bumps along the road.  I’ve definitely had a few lessons to learn, and I’ve generally learned them the hard way!

I’ve learned that I must go very slowly when adding in probiotics, whether from foods or in supplement form.  And, yes, it took two times for me to realize that fact!  Some people on the GAPS diet can quickly work up to a therapeutic dose of probiotics.  I’ve learned I must go very slowly or I end up with awful die-off and reactions.

Amazing as it sounds, I’ve also learned that I just can’t do it all!  Especially while on the GAPS diet and with the amount of time I need to spend in the kitchen, I’ve had to learn to simplify my meals and the expectations I place on myself.  It’s also been important to learn to ask for help when I need it!

Still Working On
While my health has come a long way over the past year, I think I still have a ways to go.  I am still continuing to introduce dairy back into my diet very slowly.  Dairy is one of the biggest food intolerances I’ve dealt with over the past few years.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to continue along each step, but I’m being very cautious with it.

Lately I feel like I’ve been getting more to the root of my gut issues, but that means working on correcting even more issues than when I first started.  I recently found out that I have very little to no stomach acid production taking place.  This is not good!  This is also causing adrenal fatigue for me.  I’m working on correcting this now, and will be sharing more details about the process with you soon.

Finally, my energy levels are a big concern of mine over the past few months.  They have actually been declining, and I’m hoping to take some steps to fix that sooner rather than later!  My biggest challenge for this is determining whether it’s just from the adrenal issues or some other cause.

What’s to Come
As I mentioned above, my biggest focus for the near future is correcting my low stomach acid and adrenal issues.  It’s still a bit unclear what all of that looks like at this point, but I’m happy to be working with a practitioner who is very knowledgable in this area.

I’m also planning on setting indicators to help me navigate when it’s time to start coming off of GAPS.  I’ll be working with a couple of practitioners to help me decide when would be the best time.  I’m not really sure whether that’s very soon or another year away.

Thank You!
I want to again say a big thanks to all of you wonderful readers out there!   I’m not really sure if I would have come this far on my own.  It’s been great sharing my challenges and successes with all of you over the past year.  I’ve really appreciated all of your support!

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