MindyMy name is Mindy and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my site!  I hope you’ll find everything here very helpful.  Please contact me any time with any questions, suggestions, or just to say hi.

I don’t know about you, but over the last several years I found my health declining and I started having trouble with more and more food intolerances.  I decided to start Too Many Jars in My Kitchen! to chronicle my journey to regain my health through a return to traditional foods.  My focus over the past year has been on healing with the GAPS diet.

It’s my hope that you’ll start your own journey to regain your health or to prevent it from declining in the future.  Here are some posts that may help you get a feel for what’s going on here at my blog:

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You might want to know a little more about my non-food related life!  I live in Boulder, Colorado, with my husband, Kent, and our two dogs, Abby and Ashley.  I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, spending time with family and friends, and riding my bike all over Boulder.  I’m also the director of a small baton twirling studio here in Boulder County, and love coaching and judging such a unique sport!