The Reading Corner: October 2012

The Reading CornerThe Reading Corner is a monthly series where I share some of my favorite links from around the web, must-read books, and some of the recipes I’ve pinned recently. Pull up a comfy chair and get ready for some fun reads!

Links I Loved

  • Halloween can present a challenge for real food parents – here’s an interesting article about why you should let your kids eat junk.
  • I enjoyed reading about why you’ll want to include cholesterol in your diet for the antioxidant benefits.
  • Have you tried making your own make-up? Here’s a fantastic tutorial on how to make homemade mascara.
  • Working moms can still get real food on the table with this great survival guide.
  • As an admitted Anglophile, I was sad to read that the stereotypes of eating in England are true!
  • You can learn how to make your own kefir – it’s a delicious and nutritious drink!
  • It’s that time of the year to find your favorite way to cure the common cold.  If you end up with a cold, you can try homemade vapor rub.
  • Do you like juicing? Here’s a great look at whether or not to juice.
  • I love to read about fermenting foods. Be on the lookout for my review of a new book about fermenting next week.
  • I’m looking for ways to avoid the dangers of fluoride in my home.
  • Reading about iodine supplements made me think that I may need to be increasing that in my own diet.

Must Read Books

  • I’ve been enjoying trying these exercises from Thank Your Body’s new ebook, Pain Free.
  • The Healthy Living eBook Bundle Sale has a terrific selection of ebooks available. I’ve already read many of them and am looking forward to reading the rest! (Sale ends Friday.)

Recipes I’ve Pinned

What have been your favorite reads lately?


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  1. Great list of reads, Mindy. Thanks for including my take on English food– I do wish I had a much better report for you… But, rest assured, London is a GREAT place for some exciting meals. You come to the country to pet sheep and drink cider, though…

    • Mindy says:

      Thanks, Ariana! One of these days, I really want to come and visit England. I’ll have to find out all the great spots to go from you!

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