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And The Jars Begin...A Collection of Real Food JourneysThis series is a collection of personal Real Food Journey stories.  I find it inspirational to read about the stories of others who are making a similar journey as I am.  I hope you enjoy them, too!

I know you’ll love hearing about Dina-Marie’s transition to real food.  And you’ll get to see the beautiful pictures of her family’s vineyard!

And the Jars Begin…

Dina-Marie and her beautiful family.

Dina-Marie and her beautiful family.

Name: Dina-Marie Oswald
City: Brownfield, Texas
Blog: Dimes2Vines
Favorite style of jar (i.e., quart mason jar, pint size jars, etc.): My absolute favorite type of jar is a 1/2 gallon mason jar with a plastic lid – I love them! My children would say, “So you want to marry them?” I would not go that far but I REALLY like them! I use them for fermenting kefir and yogurt, storing sauerkraut in the refrigerator after fermentation and storage of items in my pantry. My second favorite is a 1 gallon glass jar with a glass lid. They are similar to an old fashioned candy jar. I use these for fermentation of my vegetables as they sit on the counter.
How long eating real food: I have been on the GAPS diet since November 2011. My family also went on the GAPS diet, but has transitioned to a traditional diet within the last 3 months.
Favorite traditional food: Liver and Onions – without a doubt! I use my Liver Pate recipe, but serve it before using the food processor. Even my children like it!

Dimes2Vines Roussanne July 2012

Roussanne Grapes on Dimes2Vines’ Vineyard

What was your diet like when you were growing up? Did you eat a Standard American Diet (SAD)? Any traditional food practices, such as including organ meats, fermented veggies, homemade broth, etc.?

I grew up on a Standard American Diet – fast foods, hamburgers (until I could no longer eat meat because of stomach issues) and eating out at restaurants. After becoming a vegetarian, my favorite foods were anything salty – potato chips, cheese puffs …

How did you first learn about the Weston A. Price Foundation/Nourishing Traditions?

My daughter-in-law, Jessica, had Nourishing Traditions when she married our oldest son. After looking through it, I remember thinking that it seemed like a lot of extra trouble! Not until she and our son, Tyler, went to a WAPF conference in 2010, did I become acquainted with WAPF. Little did I know then that my life, way of thinking and cooking would change forever! Not only has my health returned, but I am now a chapter leader for WAPF!

Dimes2Vines Vineyard July 2012

Dimes2Vines Vineyard July 2012

How and when did you start implementing these principles in your own diet?

After our 10th child was born, my rheumatoid arthritis was worse than ever – I could not even cut my own pancakes! Jessica’s excitement after returning from the WAPF conference was contagious. She had spoken personally with Dr. Natasha Campbell – McBride about me and my health issues. She returned home with hope that not only would my arthritis get better, but that I would eat meat again after 30+ years! Skeptically and with nothing to lose, I began the GAPS diet in November 2011. After only 2 weeks, I could once again cut my own food – my pain was almost completely gone! It took two more months before I had the courage to try meat again – and – I experienced no stomach problems!

What was the easiest part of the transition for you?

Cooking and eating were the easiest. With a large family, I was used to being in the kitchen – cooking goes with the territory. Eating meat again without any pain or bowel issues has been a delight – I am a real carnivore at heart!

Dimes2Vines Aglianico July 2012

Aglianico Grapes from Dimes2Vines’ Vineyard

What was/is the most challenging?

I would have to say that planning has been the most challenging. While the whole family was on the GAPS diet, I had to plan ahead. Making sure to have plenty of broth, sauerkraut and other foods that were GAPS legal but that would also fill up the growing boys’ tummies was challenging! Now that everyone else in the family has transitioned to a traditional diet, I must plan not only for their meals but also my own.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on their own real food journey?

Educate yourself. Take advantage of the information on websites and in books about traditional, real foods. Know what you are eating and why it is beneficial to your body. Once you know “what and why”, make a menu plan. This helps in shopping, as well as time management for food preparation.

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