How to Nourish Our Children

I want you to think back on your childhood for a few minutes.  What kind of food was typical while you were growing up?  Was it more likely that you had cereal for breakfast or eggs and bacon?  Dinner from a box or grassfed meat with vegetables?  Did organ meats make a showing?


Was this your typical breakfast growing up?

I don’t know about you, but processed foods were definitely a part of my diet.  My guess is that they were also a big part of yours.  I feel fortunate that my mom did typically cook dinner from scratch and that soda didn’t make a regular appearance.  That being said, the combination of a less than ideal diet with lots of antibiotics, among other things, have led to an unhealthy gut in my adulthood.

Now I don’t want you to sit there blaming your parents (and I’m certainly not)!  Our culture as a whole has lost its traditional relationship with food.  While many good things have come out of our industrial ingenuity (hello internet!), some have not been quite as great (can you say denatured foods?).

Nourishing Our Children

While I don’t personally have any children, I’m definitely surrounded by lots of friends and family with kids.  I’m the proud aunt of three little nephews and enjoy spending time with them.  Also, as a baton twirling coach, I’m teaching young children every week.  All of that to say, I want to see the kids in my life have a better opportunity for health and wellness than I did.

The challenge is that there is so much misinformation out there about what is actually healthy for children to eat, particularly when they are very young.  With more and more food intolerances showing up in children these days, learning how to nourish our children correctly is crucial.

But where to start?  It can be overwhelming to sift through the vast amount of information available to us so that we can come up with a healthy plan for feeding our children.  Fortunately, there is now a terrific resource available to help you do just that!

A Look In the Nourished Baby Ebook

Heather Dessinger of the Mommypotamus blog has recently published an ebook called Nourished Baby.  Even if your “baby” is now sixteen and clamoring to get behind the wheel of your car, I think you’ll find this ebook to be extremely helpful as you begin to incorporate nourishing foods in your diet.

Nourished Baby EbookHeather does a fantastic job of laying out how you can nourish your baby from birth, through the toddler years, and beyond.  She covers how to ensure your baby’s gut is being populated with all the beneficial flora it needs to be healthy.  This time of information tends to be quite scientific, but she makes it easy for the lay person to understand.

Nourished Baby lays out a plan for first introducing solid foods that will give your child the nourishment he or she needs to grow into a healthy adult.  For those of you with older children, there’s no need to despair.  She’s included some great tips on how to nourish older children who already love junk food.

The last section of the book is filled with over 50 pages of delicious and nourishing recipes.  Even if you don’t have children, you’re going to want to get the ebook just for the recipes!  She includes typical categories, such as Meat & Seafood and Veggie Sides, but she also has sections that include Fermented Foods and Nuts & Seeds.  I’m looking forward to incorporating her recipes into my upcoming meal plans!

You can take a look at an 18-page sample that Heather has made available for those who would like to get a taste of what Nourished Baby offers before purchasing their own copy.

Let’s Get Started!

I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure the children in my life have the best start possible.  This guide is a great resource for accomplishing that and makes a great gift for the parents in my life.  Let’s all work together to make sure we’re nourishing the children in our lives!

Heather is offering a 20% discount now through August 15th August 30th.  Click the link below and type in SUPERMAMA to get your discount!

Click here to buy your copy of Nourished Baby!

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