The Reading Corner: The Conundrum About Fats

The Reading Corner is a periodic series where I share interesting articles from around the web plus must-read books.  Pull up a comfy chair and get ready for some fun and interesting reads!

The continued recommendations by the USDA for Americans to eat a low-fat diet is really quite alarming considering the research that keeps coming out showing that heart disease is not decreasing, but actually increasing.  Today’s Reading Corner is focusing on debunking these common myths.  Happy reading!

Chris Kresser, one of my favorite podcasters, does a great job at highlighting a critique of the report of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines Committee.  There is also a link back to the original paper that you can read as well.  This was all published back in 2010, but is still quite relevant today.

Earlier this year Sarah, of The Healthy Home Economist, published a story about a cardiologist who is now declaring that the lowfat diet hypothesis is wrong.  It’s very interesting to see a member of the medical community admitting such a change in direction.

The book, Know Your Fats by Mary Enig, received a Thumbs Up Review from the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF).  This book is going on my reading list, as I’ve heard it recommended by several people as a great primer on fats.  And who doesn’t love to read more about fat?!

The WAPF also has a great list of various articles they’ve published on the topic of fat.  They first give a quick run-down on ways to use specific fats and then they list their articles about the various topics related to fat.  This is a great resource worth bookmarking.

And now, to wrap things up, is a fun video that debunks the saturated fat myth in two minutes and thirty-five seconds.  How’s that for quick and easy? I found this video via Chris Kresser’s website.  Enjoy!

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