Emptying My Freezer: Week 4

It’s the final week of the Freezer and Pantry Challenge hosted by Keeper of the Home.  You can go back and read about the previous weeks: Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

The time on this challenge actually flew by pretty quickly.  It was a big help in reminding me to use up what we already have and kept me from buying more meat from vendors I came into contact with.  That’s always a weakness for me when I’m at the local farmer’s market or farm stand!

The Plan
I made a really good dent in using up our meat and it’s my plan to continue just using meat we already have until it’s all gone.  Last week I was able to take some of the money I had saved and put a deposit down on a side of pork that I’m splitting with a friend.  We’ll be getting that in early fall so I definitely need to keep using the pork I currently have!

This week I took a hybrid approach to my meal planning after last week’s complete lack of a plan.  While I’ve been completing this challenge, it’s reminded me that I do a lot better when I plan 3-4 days at a time.  It helps me to then adjust based on how much we’ve actually eaten and if anything comes up during the week.

First week of my CSA share

This last week was also the first week of our CSA share.  We had a lot of fresh, yummy produce to use up.  I decided to make a list on my fridge of all of the produce to help me remember what we got.  I then would refer to that as I planned for the next few days.  As I used up the items, I would cross them off the list.

Going forward I am going to keep meal planning like this, at least for a while.  I’m also going to revert back to my pen and paper meal planning.  It suits me much better, especially since I don’t typically plan the entire week all at once.

What I Used
Below is what I used up this week.  I also included any recipes that I could share with you.

Chicken Curry – used up a whole chicken from the freezer
Turnip & Carrot Glaze – used up turnips and carrots from our CSA
Leftover hamburgers – I originally made these with meat from the freezer during our first week of the challenge.  I froze half of the burgers for later and that’s what I pulled out for this meal.
Sautéed Onions & Pea Shoots:  I modified this recipe to use up the pea shoots from our CSA.
Grilled chicken legs & thighs – Used up a package of 4 from our chicken CSA.
Collard greens cooked in lard and bacon grease – Veggie from our CSA.
Frozen Pumpkin Spice Bread – When I made this earlier in the month, I froze it into smaller amounts.  I defrosted a couple of these to take to our Boulder Chapter WAPF meeting.
Tuna salad – I made up some of my homemade mayo and then used up 4 cans of tuna I had in the pantry.  I also added some crispy walnuts from the fridge that needed to be used.  I took some of it to the chapter meeting and we’ve been eating the rest of it for lunches this week.

A Little Help
If you need any help with meal planning, Stephanie of Keeper of the Home has all of her e-books discounted right now, including Plan It, Don’t Panic: Complete Meal Planning Resource.  I have that e-book and it has a lot of helpful ideas for making meal planning go more smoothly.  You can use the coupon code CHALLENGE25 to take 25% off any single ebook, OR use code BUNDLE50 to buy all 3 of her ebooks at 50% off! (This is the last week the discount is available.)

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  I appreciate your support of my site!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, I tried to use the coupon code at Keeper of the Home and got an error message that it was expired. I wasn’t able to comment directly on that page, I thought maybe you could contact her.


  2. Mindy says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear that! I’ll send Stephanie an email and see what’s going on with it. Thanks for letting me know!

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