Meal Plan Monday!

Making a meal plan each week is such an important part of learning to eat a traditional, real foods diet.  It makes the week much smoother and saves money.  However, it can be a challenge sometimes coming up with one each and every week.

Emily, over at Butter Believer, has been running a great series on meal plans.  Different real foodies have been sharing one of their weekly meal plans along with tidbits of their real food journey.

I was excited to be able to share one of my meal plans today.  And it’s all GAPS-legal since I’m still on the GAPS diet, of course.  Be sure to go check it out!

Do you make a meal plan each week?

This post is part of Monday Mania.


  1. reb says:

    hi mindy! i’m from the denver wapf and just saw your email a little bit ago. just wanted to say that i LOVE the name of your blog…it’s very witty. i will be subscribing!

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