T-Tapp Bootcamp Challenge Completed

I finished my 14-day T-Tapp bootcamp on Christmas Eve!  That’s right, I did the Total Workout for fourteen days in a row.  I really wasn’t sure when I started this challenge if I would really be able to finish it, but I’m happy to report I did!

Unfortunately, for most of the second week, I had to do the workout without using my right arm.  I had tweaked my shoulder a bit and had to give it a bit of a break.  I still felt like I was able to get a great workout in on those days and my shoulder seems to be pretty much back to normal now.

Now, for the next 6-10 weeks, I’m planning on doing every other day.  I will continue to use the Total Workout, but I’ll also be rotating in some of my other workouts, such as Hit the Floor Softer.  I also decided to try out the MORE workout.  I’ve ordered it and will rotate that in as well once it arrives.

I have definitely been a bit sore since completing the bootcamp and am greatly enjoying my day off in between workouts now!  I had planned to share if I had lost any inches, but I keep forgetting to take my measurements.  I’ll be sure to do that soon and share my results.  It definitely did seem to help me move completely down to the next smaller pant size which is great.  It was also really great to have a goal to focus on during a difficult Christmas for me.  The daily exercise provided much-need stress relief.

How have you been staying active during the holidays?  Are you making any exercise plans for the new year?

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