Using Evernote to Organize Online Recipes

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I love reading through other traditional food blogs.  I always find lots of recipes I want to try at some point.  The difficulty, though, is keeping track of all of these recipes!

When I was first discovering the online world of traditional food, I would email a recipe I wanted to try to myself and put it in a folder so I could find it again later.  That worked okay.  I would look through my folder when I was looking for inspiration and print out the recipe.

At some point, my husband saw me doing this and suggested that I use my Evernote account that he set up for me.  Once I started doing that, it was easy to see how much more useful it was to corral my recipes there instead of in my email!

I use Google reader to keep track of the many blogs that I follow.  If you like to read several different blogs, I highly recommend using a reader so you don’t have to go to each one individually to check for updates.  I didn’t like Google reader on my iPhone as much, so I use the FeeddlerPro app (this link will open iTunes on your computer).

As I read through my feeds, I save any recipes that I want to try to Evernote.  The FeeddlerPro app has a little button with an arrow on it in the corner.  You push the button and choose where you want to send the post.  It’s really easy and I don’t have to remember where I saw a certain recipe before.

If you’re browsing on your computer, you can also save an article or recipe that you want to refer to again by either copying the the link and pasting it in a new note in Evernote or by “clipping it” with their web clipper.  It adds a little icon in your browser so that when you see an article you want to save, you just click on the icon and it will add it to your Evernote account.  You can even add tags right there to make searching for it again later a bit easier.  So convenient!

When I’m ready to begin meal planning and I either have an ingredient on hand that I’d like to make in a new way or I’m just looking for some new meal ideas, I open up my desktop version of Evernote.  Then I can easily use the search feature to type in an ingredient and see what recipes I have saved in the past.  For example, I have a lot of squash on hand right now and want to try a new way to prepare it.  I type “squash” into the search and up pops all of the articles I’ve saved with the word “squash” somewhere in the entry.  Now I can choose a recipe that had caught my eye in the past.

If you’re diligent about adding tags as you clip articles or add them as notes, you can then click on the tags and see everything there.  I must admit, I rarely add tags since I’m usually adding notes through my app on my phone.  I’ve found just searching using a word or two works just fine for me.  Before starting GAPS, I did go through and tag a bunch of my entries as “GAPS”, but I haven’t kept up with that more recently.

Once I’ve used a recipe, I’ll go ahead and add it to my recipe program on my computer for quick reference.  I’ll then either go back to Evernote and delete that particular entry or, more often, I just don’t do anything with it in Evernote.  I have plenty of space for saving the item, so it’s not too big of a deal.

If you haven’t used Evernote to save your online recipes, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.  Let me know how it works for you!

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